When you stop knitting

My life has been hectic in the past few months! We’ve had to move out of our house, live in a temporary apartment and then move back in. Something terrible happened. It stopped me from knitting. I never thought something would stop me from knitting. It’s extremely upsetting. Anyways, before I took my knitting break (not on purpose, of course), I was about to start a sweater. I still have the lovely yarn, most of it still in skein form. It is my ultimate goal to start and finish the sweater this winter break. Or at least start. At this point, any knittiing would make my day. I am planning on giving a gift card to someone for a Secret Santa I am taking part in, and to personalize the gift, I am planning on giving it in one of these. I think (key word: THINK) I have enough worsted scraps to make one of these. I have to make it for next week, though. To be started tonight.

I hope I get back on track with my knitting, the thing I know and love so very much.

Till next time,



First lace project

I have a friend who can wear any hat and look good in it. No joke. Her birthday is November 7th, so I knit her birthday present a little early because I want to knit myself my first sweater very soon. I had some Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton lying around, and conveniently found a nice slouchy beret pattern meant to be knit with cotton. Perfect.

It involves an 8-round lace repeat. Now, I’d never done lace before, but I knew I could do it. I may have messed up the first half or so of the hat by doing the yarnovers backwards (back to front), but we’ll just say that’s a design element. Pictures to come 🙂

The hat was done in about 5 days, after a lot of car knitting. I would like to do more lace in the future, because it involves concentrating hard on the knitting and taking your mind off anything else you could possibly be thinking about. Anyway, enough rambling!

Till next time,



There was a sequence in the tie pattern that I had to repeat 11 times, and guess what? I finished the eleventh repeat this morning! Now I just have a few more rows left until blocking and lining.  It’s gotten so long!

photo (20)

In other news, I am going to continue working on the bear pattern very soon.

Just thought I’d share this excitement 🙂

Till next time,


Those poor neglected projects

I started knitting a tie for my brother last year on November 12th. To this day, it is not even half done. He wants it done this year for his birthday on November 9th. It is one of the few projects I have started that have been neglected for a long period of time. I recently started working on it every day, and I am making great progress. Right now it doesn’t look like very much, but when it’s been blocked and lined it should be nice.

photo (19)

It seems like an unlikely thing to be knitting, though. You rarely hear someone say ”I’m knitting a tie.” Then again, most of the things I knit are not so normal. I have knit two cows, two owls, a bowl, a basket, a cat, a monster, and plenty of other great things. I am planning on knitting my first sweater soon, which I am very very very excited about.

Have you ever started a project, left it alone, and then powered through it?

Till next time,


Knitting on size 0 needles

A family member recently asked me to knit him a kippah. I did, using Koigu Premium Merino in the 00 colourway and this pattern. The pattern called for size 0 needles! The smallest I’ve used were size 1, and those were cirulars. I used DPNs for this project. At first, the idea of knitting with DPNs that small was a little scary, I must admit, but it turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I got used to it. The kippah took me roughly 2 hours to finish, which is convenient because I have a lot of knitting stuff going on right now. Here it is pre-blocking (ew!):

photo (17)

Here it is blocking:

photo (18)

Oh, the magic of blocking.

Till next time,


Exciting announcement!

I’m writing a pattern for a bear! I’m really excited about this project, because I’ve never written a pattern before, I like to challenge myself with knitting, and it is another big step in taking my knitting to another level. When I say bear I mean teddy bear, not polar/grizzly/black bear.

I have actually been working on it since August 9th, so a few weeks. I am trying to figure out how to increase in the back a little so that the bear doesn’t have a completely flat bottom. I think I’m getting close to figuring it out 🙂

This is my current long-term project, if you can call it a project. I expect I’ll be knitting other things while I write it, though. Till next time,


What’s in my knitting bag?

Most knitters have things they keep at all times in their knitting/project bags because they use them when working on knitting. Most people call these ”assorted things” notions. In my case, this is what I keep in my knitting bag at all times:

photo (14)

Needle tip protectors,  an unreasonable amount of waste yarn in case I need it (I usually don’t), my scissors, three cable needles (all different sizes),  my row counter, a crochet hook, a measuring tape, my handy-dandy knit rectangle that keeps stitch markers (locking and not) and my favourite tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

Of all of those things, two were knit by me: the scissor case and the white folded rectangle. My first blog post is about the scissor case, so here’s a blog post about the white rectangle.

photo (15)

I knit it out of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, a DK weight yarn. I use it to keep my locking stitch markers, my homemade stitch markers, and my tapestry needle from floating around in my knitting bag. Here is what I did:

CO 30
Knit 5 rows garter stitch
Keeping a 7-stitch garter stitch border, knit 18 rows in stockinette stitch
Knit 5 rows garter stitch

I find myself using this tool really often when I’m knitting and like the fact that I knit it.

What’s your favourite knitting tool?